RepRap @ NPOX 2009, Hilversum

We demonstrated the RepRap at NPOX (15 nov. 2009).

It was in the “Beeld en Geluid” building which was a huge building, but beautiful at every scale.

We were positively surprised by the way our project was advertised on pamphlets that were passed around and people seemed to know about it in advance. The visitors were eager to learn what was going on and posed questions ranging from how the technology worked, to how this could impact innovation and how this potentially changes the world. Some also asked how long it would take for this technology to reach the home. I think the RepRap needs some ‘domestication’ but it shouldn’t need to take long. More important drivers and inhibitors are social and dependent on other flexible production technologies and services that might be an alternative.

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

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  1. luc schreef:

    hi, Kan ik iemands email adres hebben om kontakt op te nemen met nederlandse reprap groep?