RepRap Day @ Protospace

The RepRap Day at Protospace (14 nov. 2009) was a great success.

(see also, more pictures by Bas)

The plan was to print an entire machine at the event, but we did more talking than actual printing, which was fine. Some whistles were printed by Joost. I printed two Bowden cable clips for a second Bowden extruder. The plan is to use this setup for multi-material printing!

All in all, it was a REALLY nice day with lots of great people who were either very interested in the concept of RepRap, FabLab and/or building a RepRap themselves. We had about 10 machines there (not even all of them were on the table!), including Joost’s Makerbot, several RepRaps, an acrylic RapMan and an plyRap (from plywood).

Now I still need to blog the NPOX festival in Hilversum, and Manchester and Nottingham trips… doh!

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

2 reacties

  1. Batist schreef:

    Nice! I’ve never seen so many RepRaps together!

    Can you point me to more info on your Bowden cable system? Looks interesting!

  2. Bas Pijls schreef:

    Had a great afternoon. Very informative!! Can’t wait for my MakerBot to arrive so I can start printing out a RepRap. Some more pictures on my flickr page: