RepRap @ FAB6: Slides available

The slides of our joint talk are now available. First up are Rhys Jones and Adrian Bowyer, the third section is my part:

You can also download the original OpenOffice generated .ppt file from here.

For some more details on the analysis, see my previous post: “Self-replicating devices: the statistics”
I don’t think that a recording of the talk was stored but if I’m wrong, please tell me where to find it!

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

3 reacties

  1. unfold schreef:

    Hi Erik,

    I am very flattered when seeing our experimental work on ceramics in this presentation!

    • Rhys Jones schreef:

      I made a really big point that this is something the core team, including myself, have been working towards for ages. But of course now the project is so big, the core team have little effect on the future plans, and we’re always beaten to it by someone…Something I’m very pleased about:D

  2. Erik schreef:

    Yep! We can still do a lot compared to the average. But it’s not much when compared to the aggregate.

    Unfold: your example was about community members doing pretty high caliber engineering work. So you have the right to be be flattered 🙂