RepRap in Dutch newspapers again

A while ago I put on my RepRap ambassador hat again which resulted in a newspaper entry in a Dutch newspaper. Since it’s slightly old news now and I’m allowed to cite works that I’m mentioned in I believe it’s okay to share it now:

From RepRap Misc

For those who don’t read any Dutch, here are some highlights that the article mentions:

  • What the RepRap is
  • How much cheaper it is compared to conventional commercial machines
  • That it can replicate itself, and has indeed done so
  • Non printed parts are from the hardware store.
  • That it can print a working whistle with the pea inside
  • In the near future, losing a piece of the game Settlers of Catan is not a disaster anymore, you’ll just print a new one!
  • The power of the concept lies not in the technology as much as it lies in the community that collaborates in a Wikipedia-like fashion. Sharing results and experimentation outcomes and voluntarily
  • contributing their improvements.
  • A large collection of printable designs is generated by the community, for the community.
  • The example of printing shoes for a child and later recycling the old plastics, adding some and printing a larger size.
  • We still have to make a good recycling system, but the concept has been proven.
  • I’m doing my Masters thesis on the economic impact of RepRap.
  • The non-exclusive nature of the community project.
  • Increasing the printing speed.

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...