RepRap made the Dutch newspapers!

RepRap got coverage in a well respected Dutch newspaper, They also made a blog post with an interview, the original post is in Dutch, but here’s a (poor) google Translation to English.

The interview is in Dutch, sorry. But you can still promote it and give it a good rating since it’s about RepRap 😉

Adrian Bowyer, as well as several active Belgian and Dutch RepRappers can be seen in the background. When the FOSDEM talk by Adrian is available, I will post it here!

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

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  1. Jasper Janssen schreef:

    Not just, thursday’s edition of the normal NRC Handelsblad also covers RepRap (I would assume with the same or a cut down version of the info). It’s over the full page width, headlined “3D-printer maakt kinderschoen uit aardappelzetmeel”, and has 2 columns worth of picture with 6 columns of text about 3-4 inches high each. (mail me if you want a scan, before it ends up in the old paper bin..)

    • Erik schreef:

      Hi Jasper. Thanks for letting me know. This evening I was also on television on “Journaal op 3”. It was a short item on 3D printers.