Adrian Bowyers talk on RepRap at FOSDEM 2010 in Brussels

I finally finished splitting and uploading the video’s, so here it is in a Youtube playlist as well:


A full page interview on RepRap in the NRC, a dutch quality newspaper!

Some tweets from around the time of the talk:

mvdkleijn At the #reprap .org talk at #fosdem – terrific
ppapadeas Enjoying an excellent so far talk for RepRap at #fosdem
ppapadeas “Make manufacturing more like agriculture!” Start your revolution with RepRap #fosdem
bobylito #reprap : sounds like a wonderful anarchist tool to me 🙂
NarcissusBleak I approve of the philosophy involved in the RepRap talk #FOSDEM
BatistLeman Reprap talk at #fosdem! Nice:
ehn RepRap talk at FOSDEM. Who doesn’t want a 3D printer? — at ULB Building H
bacharakis – At reprap talk! this is a 3d printer!
bartcopp Time for the way too early RepRap talk at #fosdem
Kim_Bruning I’m at the Reprap talk at #fosdem, 1st and 2nd gen machines present in Janson
josephzizys The Reprap is Marxist fantasy made flesh! Talk about controlling the means of production! #Marxism #Maker #Reprap #PhilosophyMadeFlesh
tyll:I like the #reprap talk on !fosdem !fosdem2010 currently running. Nice vision: Use old child shoes to create bigger ones if needed #fosdem from

It was also featured in the Dutch newspapers NRC and, Belgian newspapers and blog posts here and there. Also, me and some other Protospace RepRappers were on television last weekend! See it on Youtube here or on the TV station’s website here.

From RepRap @ FOSDEM
All-in-all, great publicity for the RepRap project!

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

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  1. kieran schreef:

    Hi Erik,
    This is Kieran, I was with Gaetan at Pablo’s when Adrian came to dinner.
    Any chance I could get your email, I
    have a few questions to ask.

  2. schreef:

    Adrian Bowyer gave a talk at FOSDEM 2010 in Brussels about RepRap, the cool GPL licenced 3D-printer which could (partly) replicate itself. Watch the talk and learn, why personal fabrication will succeed over old industrial mass production, even in its …