Erik’s RepRap for loan!

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16 Responses

  1. Prober says:

    RapBoy likes the yellow improvements, and hopes to get them as he grows up.

  2. Lanquarden says:

    Very interesting offer! I live in Belgium and I’ve been following the RepRap revolution for quite some time now. But haven’t gotten into building my RepStrap yet… though I have gen3 boards waiting to be assembled… This could be the way to get started very fast!

  3. kieran says:

    Hi Erik,
    I am still stuck with my plastruder problems so I might take you up on the offer. I would not need 3 months though, just enough time to print a new plastruder off thingiverse and perhaps a mini-mendel or 2! I will give it some thought and let you know. Picking it up is not a problem, I am not far.

  4. Erik says:

    I want to phase out the closed BfB electronics, so anyone willing to help replace them is more likely to create a win-win situation (takes some rewiring, but not too much). The BfB electronics do work, but you need to rescale .gcode files (I have written a script to do this available via the RepRap wiki).
    If you’re living close to eachother (perhaps Kieran and Lanquarden) you could collaborate if you like. I do want one person mainly responsible for it.

    I’ll wait for a few more people to see this call so that everybody gets a fair chance!

  5. Tony Buser says:

    Interesting – a lot of people talk about doing pay it forward type deals and talk about how quickly replicating printers will spread, but it hasn’t been happening. I guess it will all really take off once people begin to have 2 or 3 generations of printers and suddenly have one sitting unused like you. Once you have 3 printers, 1 suddenly looses a lot of value since having 2 means you can keep them both repaired and running forever.

  6. In December last year, I became the proud new owner of Leo (after Leonard Darwin), the son of Charly (Charles Darwin (my earlier machine)). It didn’t take 9 months to fully develop, but it seemed like a long time (the second and third sets of parts tooks

  7. Frank Oxener says:

    We really could use a reprap to bootstrap our workshop ‘Make your own RepRap’!

  8. internet wankster says:

    hey, this is cool. i’m just an internet wankster, but i have two ideas:

    * why not set up a blog where each new owner could document what he was doing? with the machine, the credentials could be passed on from one person to the next. that would create a real virtual identity for the machine. it would be very interesting to follow what is being done at each new home.
    * you could use the exponential equation at an (imagined) sweet spot if you lend the machine by priority to people who already have one. maybe that will reduce downtime and make prints faster and better. and so will make things more fluid overall which will bring more machines to more people!

    so, my 2 cents! 🙂

    • Erik says:

      Love the idea of creating a blog for Leo. It’s nice for more people to see Leo tell a story of seeing the world, meeting new people, falling in love and having little machine babies… Later their might be a (public) family tree on the blog…

      Plus previous and potential future owners could keep an eye out for him 🙂

  9. bre says:

    Great idea. Very cool to see a 3D printer on the move!

  10. I also live in Belgium, and as CS, I started electronics because (sorry, -thanks to-) the
    RepRap project.

    (Maybe we could team with #2 Lanquarden to make the travels more efficient)

    I simply plan with a friend of mine who is psychiatrist and also artist to use the RepRap (I’ll may build thanks to Leonard) to help my friend and his patients create 3D objects in their creative process.

    Personally I planned to make one for fun and because I also started domotics and it would be very helpful to me for printing some physical parts around the electronics components.

    Anyway, thanks for this initiative! If I can print my own repraps, I’ll consider lending one too.

  11. Eelco says:

    Really interesting offer, really kind of you to offer. We are wanting to build also a reprap machine (a mendel), but of course we need to get the plastic parts somewhere.
    We are a art/technology/hacker duo, on-signal, Arjan Scherpenisse and myself. Arjan having software skills, me having hardware skills ( We are pro open source and do beleive in that. We both have a technical degree and an art degree. To be able to ‘host’ Leonard for a while, would be great. For us to produce another machine and also to already start to working with and learning the machine.
    For us a reprap is a great tool to make parts for new installations we come up with.
    I can borrow a car to pick up the machine. We are based in Amsterdam. If necessary we could talk about setting a bail or something if you would like that. Hopefully this is an interesting enough request…
    I hope to hear from you,
    Eelco Wagenaar

  12. Danny says:

    Nice machine. I also live in the Netherlands and I’m currently looking into building one of these. But where can I get the plastics to feed the machine. I can only find those short hot-glue sticks.

    I would rather build one meself, since I build a lot of RC stuff and already have a CNC-mill and a lathe. But this thing would really make me the small parts I still have to buy.



    • Erik says:

      Just to clarify (maybe I didn’t need to):

      The printer that’s for loan would allow you to make the parts for your own 3D printer that you can keep. So, you can use the loaned machine to print something else, but mostly you should use it to “bootstrap” your own machine. This is only fair, as you can imagine, as others are waiting in line to print their machine!

      Soon, I’ll decide who gets the machine first. I’ve gotten a lot of responses so far, so I’m working on the order in which it will go.

  13. Harm says:

    Hi Erik, great initiative. A friend and I have been wanting to build our own repraps for a while.

    I’m a concept designer for LEGO in Denmark and my friend is a designer of interactive installations in Rotterdam. Loads of (hobby) applications for both of us! I’m in Holland this July and we want to work together on a project.

    Borrowing Leo would make it possible to learn about repraps and print the parts for a reprap each of us. I guess that would mean we would already meet your requirements for reproduction (x2), but I’m a big fan of the idea so would like to reproduce as much as we can. 🙂

    I see you already have many reactions, so I hope it will be possible somewhere in July, it can also be a short time (couple weeks).

    Harm (en Remko)