Getting married, Open source style ;)

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15 Responses

  1. Cathal says:

    Congratulations and excellent work! Hope the wedding goes without a hitch.

    Good luck to you and Esther! 🙂

  2. bodgeit says:

    Congratulations only two day to go..

    Have you printed the wedding rings yet.. though?

    • Erik says:

      No, that’s just a tat too mission-critical 🙂
      Didn’t want to have to postpone the wedding.

      Also, we decided to get normal rings because it shouldn’t wear out… well you could print a new one every year, but that’s different.

  3. what song was that rap during the cake top printing?

  4. nophead says:

    Best of luck to you and Esther on your wedding day from Chris & Mary.

  5. Mr. Seeker says:

    Good luck with your wedding!

  6. phooky says:

    Congratulations! Best wishes on this happy day.

  7. Erik says:

    Thank you all for your responses. The wedding was really amazing, very intense and very, very special!! It was made unforgettable with the help of our wonderful friends and family! We’re grateful for this overwhelmingly beautiful day!

    Some of the first pictures are now online in this beautiful slideshow:

  8. VDX says:

    Hi Erik,

    Congratulations and best of luck to you and Esther!


  9. Johan vO says:

    Eric en Esther,

    Hartelijk gefeliciteerd en heel veel geluk samen.
    Jullie trouwdagverslagje ziet er top uit. En nog een gereprapt taarttopje ook, schitterend!

    Hartelijke groeten!

  10. Wim says:

    Beste Erik,

    congratulations with your new, life long project, you’ll see it takes even more time than computer related stuff 😉

    Perhaps next birthday, you can print the entire cake using an advanced frostruder… hmmm


  11. Congratulations, Erik!

  12. Our wedding day was really unforgettably beautiful:

    Below is my original post about “the making of the cake topper”. It stood there perfectly because my best friends make a gorgeous cake (such a great surprise, and it tasted great too!).

    For “The ma