Ultimaker op Tegenlicht!

We were lucky to be featured in Tegenlicht. Tegenlicht are exceptional documentary makers who go in depth into major issues of humanity.

The part where I’m being interviewed starts at around 34 minutes. Most of it is in English, but our interview is in Dutch, possibly there will be a translation/subtitled version made available.

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The documentary displays an optimistic view of the future where global energy, food, healthcare are abundant and affordable, and even physical goods can be manufactured on the spot in your own home.

“The the rate of innovation is a function of the amount of conversations that are going on.”

  – Peter Diamandis

3D printing democratizes the ability of ordinary individuals to create physical solutions, to solve transportation problems by never producing more stock than is used, to produce more personal objects and efficiently, with much less waste. The future is here! I’m thankful that we get this opportunity to have so much control over the physical things around us, and the ability to go from your imagination to a real thing, in minutes!

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