Google Glasses have arrived!

Now for something that’s not related to 3D printing (well, not directly), but so insanely cool that I have to blog about it right now (no, this can’t wait another day)!

Through a friend at Google, whom I will call Dave (not his real name), I was able to get one of the first sets of Glasses. Dave had two sets of glasses for testing from having won the “iwantglass” competition. Of course it’s a pre-release, so the software running on it might change pretty radically, and it has already crashed on me once. Apart from the fact that the HUD display has a rather small viewing angle, the picture really is awesome for augmented reality. Right now, all the apps running on it were 2D, so I can’t wait for the 3D API to be used to overlay video’s over reality. Google are saying that the 3D overlays will be used only to a minor extent.

For those who have not seen the news about Google Glasses yet, this video will give you a great impression:

As soon as I have had some more time to play with it, I will start posting video’s about this remarkable, non-intrusive internet device!

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...