iBoot: iPhone 3G finally running the Linux (kernel). And: Canon Hack Development Kit

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2 Responses

  1. alfonso says:

    hey guys, i bet having linux on your iphone must be awesome… i wanna have it too. The thing is that i can’t install it.
    i have an iphone3g, and i’ve been trying to install linux. i have linux ubuntu on my pc, i’ve followed the instructions and nothing… the system doesn’t even recognize the iphone, i mean other than a dispositive with pictures in it…
    i wish you could give me some clues…
    thank you guys…!!!

    • Erik says:

      Hi Alfonso,

      It is in a very early stage. You can try it, but that would currently be to prove that it can be done or if you want to develop linux drivers for the iPhone. But you should keep your eyes the linux 4 iPhone project… once some more drivers are finished people can start making applications.

      Best wishes for next year,