AllThings3D: roundtable discussion on 3D printing

I frequently listen to the AllThings3D podcast during my commute, I really recommend it (Link). If you want to learn about relevant developments in 3D printing, it’s a great source and digest. Tonight I had and interview by AllThings3D.

It also seemed like a great occasion to share the fact that Erik van der Zalm now works at Ultimaker! He’ll continue his pioneering work on open source firmware and much more! Everyone at Ultimaker is really excited to work with him.

Links of things that I mention:

  • 3D sharing and collaboration community:
  • 3D printing metal:
    Additive Industries
  • Print you own chair out of jigsaw puzzle pieces
  • Printed table by UltiArjan:
  • Pick-and-place first developed on Ultimaker by Jeff McAlvay but now a full-blown dedicated pick-and-place:
  • Joris van Tubergen’s 2011 Ultimaker Paste extruder
  • BronzeFill Material (80% bronze, print heavy metal items)
  • Chemical polishing with vapor: Tetrahydrofuran (THF) dissolves PLA but it’s dangerous.
  • Parametric design tip:
    Try parametric modelling. It’s getting a lot easier than it used to be. Create a customizable model with YM. Parametric modelling including making your own UI for changing parameters. OpenSCAD. Precise 3D models, easy to modify and collaborate on. You’ll easily make even complex shapes that are always solid, water-tight. No need to pay for powerful parametric design software.
    Each of these tools will be integrated into YouMagine.

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...