Started building a RepRap

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8 Responses

    • Erik says:

      Ja die kende ik al langer. Is alleen lang niet zo cool aangezien het self-replication mist. Je moet bijvoorbeeld allerlei laser-cut parts van buitenaf hebben. Vervolgens kan je nog geen voorwerpen maken van dergelijke kwaliteit (zoals machines).

  1. Erik says:

    LOL, I need to blog this one:

  2. Erik says:

    This guy also suggested a materials revolution:

  3. Adam Novak says:


    Its true that RepRap has created its extruder polyholder part so far but this photo does not show that. These are parts from Bitsfrombites that were soft molded by Ian. Until now RepRaps surface quality is way lower. (On mine…) Only comment though…

    Your blog is cool BTW and keep posting its really good to have feedback on experiences! I wish I had time for that too…