RepRap Survey

Are you operating or building a 3D printer? (RepRap, Cupcake CNC, RapMan, etc.)

We still need some more responses for the data to be statistically significant. So if you have not done the survey, please do so! (If you have, thanks so much!!)

Why? I can understand that you don’t have time for just any survey. But this one is REALLY IMPORTANT:

We’re trying to learn how open source software development differs from open hardware. Also, I’m learning how the RepRap community innovates and how this is different from commercial development of physical products. If helping me graduate isn’t enough reason: you will help the RepRap project (results are used by me and Adrian Bowyer) and the field of open source research (as I’m directly working with the most cited scholar on this subject, Eric von Hippel from MIT).

Your input is essential! Many others have already filled in the but we need several more respondents for statistical significance of the findings.

It takes people 15 minutes on average.

Thank you VERY much!


P.s. Everyone will be given access to what we learn from this study. If you have questions or remarks, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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