Phun simulations with RepRap

This is a simplified simulation of the mechanical “Cartesian bot” of The RepRap. It allows you to play with things like play (a.k.a. backlash), tension of the belt that drives the axis, etc. You can explore what happens if you change the weight of the extruder (low or higher), if you change friction of the surface of the Rods, etc.

The backlash of the extruder is a bit exaggerated, but this allows you to clearly see what the sources are, and whether it is constant, linear or non-linear while varying various properties. For instance, further away from the driving pulley, the backlash increases. The backlash is asymmetrical, just like in reality. In my previous post I talk about a means to mitigate most of the backlash. This makes it possible to have a ‘cheap’ or low-cost mechanical frame, and still get a lot of repeated accuracy and precision out of it. I’ve implemented this in my GCode script.

You can see the backlash the best if you change directions once the system has settled.

If you want to run the simulation yourself:
– download Phun here (free, as in free beer)
– install “Phun”
– download this model

If you made improvements or have nice results with it, please share them.

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

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  1. Ton Zijlstra schreef:

    Excellent stuff Erik!