FSCONS 2010 & Graduation & Ultimaker!

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4 Responses

  1. Congrat to your thesis!

    Just one remark: IMHO a better notion than »public good« is »commons«, because it refers more to »stuff that open source communities create«. Public good on the other hand is more linked with the state providing »goods available to the public«.

    More on a taxonomy of goods: http://www.keimform.de/2010/commons-in-a-taxonomy-of-goods/

    • Erik says:

      Commons indeed is a more precise term, but for this reason also less familiar to those who are not well informed about FLOSS.

  2. Renoir says:

    Well done!

    Nice job with the thesis, Very interesting!

  3. Dries says:

    Congrats Erik!
    Loaded the pdf on my iPad for reading.