Dull tasks? Automate them!

Isn’t it great that you can script anything in an open source OS such as Linux/Ubuntu? Dcop rules. A good reason not to use windows (for me that is). If you still bound to win32, here’s a great band-aid for this lack of ‘scriptability’:

Imagine the perfect piece of software to automate all your dull, repetitive tasks. It exists, and I think that the best one is this: autohotkey. Not because I evaluated all of them, but just because it’s (more or less) perfect.

  • It’s easy to understand,
  • it has extensive scripting capabilities,
  • can respond to hotkeys,
  • monitor the clipboard and do useful stuff in the background,
  • it’s versatile
  • and you can make simple EXE files of your end-product.
  • Did I say it is free, as in Open Source and as in does not cost a penny?!

My significant other was typing over long questionnaires from a printed .csv file into a windows application. Now that’s dull… The questionnaires were about 500 yes/no questions. This was about 20 minutes of work to automate this. The file now even parses, checks the CSV for consistency, opens up the right program. Yay!

At my girlfriend’s company they liked the time-savings so much that they asked me to make a more extensive version (supporting more programs), and they rewarded me nicely. It’s now saving them many (bored) man-hours every week and reducing the chance of mistakes!

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

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  1. Erik de Bruijn schreef:

    Hi Andy, don’t I know you? 🙂

    It was a real discovery to me, since I usually don’t look for solutions to make windows more usable. I simply stopped using it when I knew I could work better under linux. My company sponsors wine so people can keep using some win32 apps under linux.