New Blog!

Dear Readers,

Welcome to my Blog. I’ll be writing about fun
things I do, interesting things I learn about and anything else that
may spring to my mind. If you share my interest in science, technology
or open source(to name a few) you will find this blog very interesting!

For my own company, I do work in many different fields. These range from
‘system integration’ to marketing analysis and the numerous business & tech related topics. I’m also paticularly interested the combination: technical
innovations that have a business impact.

Things that are most important in my life are (not in any particular order):

  • My friends
  • My family
  • Trying to understand the unknown!
  • Being creative, being able to express myself and invent things
  • Making things of my inventions
  • Having fun with my friends!
  • Contributing to the world

My areas of interest (and for some areas of expertise):

  • Philosophy
  • Science
    • Computer science
      • Computing infrastructure: Virtualization (particularly Xen)
      • Disruptive technology
      • Open Source software (particularly Linux)
      • System integration & Programming (aspect orientation, web services & XML)
      • Artificial Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Quantum computing
      • Data Analysis & Mining, Process Mining
      • IT security
    • Organization Science and IT
      • Ubiqutous/pervasive computing
      • Virtual Organizations
      • Impact of Open Source developments to traditional business models
      • System Dynamics & Policy analysis
    • Misc
      • Quantum physics

Many of these are, not coincidentally, also courses I followed at the University of Tilburg.

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

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  1. Pieter schreef:

    Ik kan alleen nergens inloggen. Je had me gegevens gestuurd, maar daar kan ik dus niets mee. Replyen kan gewoon zonder wachtwoord.