RepRap: Rotary encoder

Something I almost forgot to share is the optical encoder disks. I made those when Chris made his achievement on the encoder. The encoder on the extruder is an important step towards better 3D print quality (constant plastic flow rates).

Chris’ encoder wheel
Source: hydraraptor’s blog

To prevent a chicken and egg situation where you can’t print an encoder wheel with an adequate quality and can’t gain quality because you don’t have one, I designed a wheel that could be printed on transparencies:

Two encoder wheels with different resolution. To be used for quadrature encoding.

Here’s the source code (it’s pure SVG). Of course it is usable for other parts of a RepRap and other robotics projects than the RepRap… so go ahead. If you make one in a different resolution, please send it back and I’ll update my pages as well.

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...