Lecture on science: Wet vs. dry Neural Networks

Google Video Tip: Panel Discussion: The Role and Future Prospects for Math/Computational Theories

Source: Berkely University

URL: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5154297266379993899&q=neural+network

Why I liked it:

I’m very much interested in both biological systems and computerized
systems and the fact that we can be inspired by nature to solve
problems in the latter field.

A very interesting lecture about the intricacies between the theoretical and emprical fields of both wet (biological) and dry (artificial) Neurology and their implications.

Research at a Meta Level:

It’s also nice to see how they discuss the viability of a field of research and the way it should be treated or launched. Converging several distinct areas of science might offer some solution. And they’re also thinking about adding a new ‘field of study’. The talk essentially is how sciences could be orchestrated. Of course authority in science its very decentralized and self organization is a strong force that pushes forward its development. The way top academics from an area look at academics is quite interesting. They really look back to a life of science. Makes me wonder what career I will primarily pursue. They seem to promote that the combination of theory and practice, so I might be on the right track 😉

The video also brings forward some nice facts:

  • Insects tend to be relatively more complex and harder to research than larger organisms.
  • Hmm, didn’t write down the rest. Watch it yourself 🙂

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...