[ThingAlert] Stylus

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2 Responses

  1. Batist says:

    In the future they’ll probably only ship the electronics, and a CD with the STL’s. 🙂

    • Erik says:

      You may be right about shipping non-fab-able ‘parts’. I do think that the CD is another example of an odd distribution medium for information. It would require almost as much plastic as several styli and some phone parts. Especially if the STLs are in the megabyte range, a download would be a lot cheaper. Added benefit is that the information doesn’t need to be static.

      Maybe a http://tinyurl.com/stylus ?

      You’re absolutely right on the general idea of manufacturer’s making modules that could be finished or utilized at home in many different (customized) ways. This will be more of a co-creation process, where manufacturers benefit from the creativity and content produced by an eager designer community. The should, however, create the circumstances where sharing is promoted and integration with their ‘modules’ is made possible practically and legally.