BitsFromBytes arrived!

The bits finally arived! Too bad I have an exam tomorrow. This kind of suspense is probably lethal. Anyway, here are some pictures and a small review.

I’m really satisfied with the quality of the plastic parts. They are not
moulds like I’ve never seen them before, but I really think they will do
the job for you.
Things (such as stepper to RP parts and RP to RP) fit quite neatly together.

I’m also really glad the machined parts for the extruder. The kit seems quite complete. I’d really be
lost if I still had to make those myself without a lathe and it would
take forever to find the right parts. Finding screws and bolts is pretty
easy, but those brass things are more of a specialty product for plumbing.

Close up with flash so you see some detail.
Aren’t they beautiful!

About the steppers: Only when got them in my hands, I completely
understood why these steppers are the more expensive parts. They are
really heavy steppers, nothing compared to what I’ve scavenged from
printers over the years.

A large part of the weight (almost 1/2 kg) comes from the corner brackets. These blocks have considerable volume.
*please rotate head counter-clockwise*

The total weight of all RP parts was about 1.5 kg. This means that if the density of HDPE is similar to this, I would be able to print one set from the 2.35 kg of fillament I have now. Because shipping is a large part of the costs of the fillament (25 dollars becomes 70+ dollars including shipping + import taxes), I’m really hoping for a functional granulate extruder. I’ll even help with that, but first things first:

I’m going to start building wednesday!

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...